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Chemistry today requires researchers to unite through common scientific challenges, using a multifaceted approach that pushes past the boundaries traditionally associated with the subject. As one of the world’s leading Chemistry Departments, we are uniquely placed to accelerate understanding across the discipline because of our strength in interdisciplinary research. Providing state-of-the-art infrastructure that not only enables, but also encourages, this is a priority for the Department.

Research patterns have changed considerably over the last 50 years and responding to infrastructure requirements to support increasingly complex and sophisticated work is a major challenge. To enable more world-changing science, we need to offer an exceptional intellectual and physical environment, attracting the very best to study and work here. We are therefore planning a major new laboratory building that will provide cutting-edge facilities for Chemistry researchers for years to come.

Interdisciplinarity will be at the heart of this new laboratory, and will underpin dedicated centres within it. The building will have flexible space encouraging collaboration within Chemistry, with other Departments and with industry across numerous research themes. This new laboratory will help us address the challenges of over-crowding and outdated facilities that we are facing now, in order to ensure that Oxford Chemistry occupies an unrivalled position of research excellence for generations to come.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to shift paradigms in Chemistry, providing an environment where breakthroughs in fundamental science now can disrupt our approaches to major challenges more quickly than ever before.

"Despite my fond memories of the perfumed atmosphere and the Edwardian woodwork of the Dyson Perrins, the new Chemistry Research Laboratory was the primary factor in my deciding to move from the USA to Oxford. It is crucial for the University and its supporters to continue to invest in facilities that will attract the next generation of researchers to Oxford." - Professor Hagan Bayley FRS, Chair of Chemical Biology, on the vital importance of state-of-the-art facilities. 

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