Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

The 1916 Centenary Campaign   

We are excited to report that work is underway on our new laboratory.  Please join us as we build a new undergraduate teaching facility for the 21st century.  

The new laboratory will bring together practical teaching in organic, inorganic and physical chemistry for the first time, enabling cutting-edge new interdisciplinary experiments that mirror the collaborative nature of our research programmes. 


Dedicate a Fume Hood

To mark the centenary of the Dyson Perrins Laboratory, opened in 1916, we invite you to create your own lasting legacy by dedicating one of the bespoke fume hoods in the new teaching laboratories.  You can dedicate your fume hood with a gift of £1916.  Perhaps your dedication will be a tribute to your time in the laboratories, in memory of someone who inspired your learning, or maybe some words of wisdom for future students. 

Please make sure to provide your contact details when you make your gift, so that we can get in touch and take down your dedication.  Thank you.


Help to Create a Laboratory for 21st Century Chemistry

Every gift, however big or small, is greatly appreciated and will help acquire specialist instruments to equip the new teaching laboratory with its state-of-the-art analytical suite, including multinuclear NMR, X-ray diffraction, and advanced spectroscopy and mass spectrometry facilities.  It will also provide benchtop NMR, IR and UV-vis spectrometers for routine sample analysis, as well as high-specification fume hoods and chemical synthesis equipment.


Please visit  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Creating an environment to inspire discovery: download the campaign brochure here for more information.


Department of Chemistry - General Fund

You can choose to support the Department of Chemistry General Fund or the Alan Howe Prize. By supporting the General Fund you enable us to respond quickly and appropriately to the Department's most urgent needs, including the priorities detailed below.

If you are interested in directly supporting one of the priorities or would like to discuss other opportunities please contact Susan Davis (01865 285400).



Every gift to the Department of Chemistry enables us to achieve our vision of being the best Chemistry department in the world, contributing exceptional research for the benefit of humanity. Research at Oxford is having a real impact upon the world’s most significant challenges. From healthcare to energy capture and storage, from food and water security to advances in technological materials, chemistry underpins them all.


Teaching & Student Support

We are committed to the next generation of Chemists, and believe that the brightest and best should be able to study in Oxford regardless of their financial circumstances. Our students play a critical role in keeping the Department at the forefront of international research, and we aim to expand the range of undergraduate prizes and graduate scholarships available.


Outreach and Widening Access

The Department runs a number of exciting projects through our incredible outreach team and student alchemist volunteers. We aim to expand the number of school visits, lectures, master classes, tours, mock interviews, demonstrations, hands-on events, and summer schools that we are able to run in order to promote and teach chemistry to students of all ages.


Public Engagement

We are committed to exciting public engagement events and activities that share our research and promote science and chemistry to the wider world. Past projects include a stand at the Royal Society's Summer Exhibition  where our young scientists shared their research into artificial photosynthesis with over 10,000 visitors. 


Faculty Endowment 

Securing academic posts through endowment is vital to the success of the Department. The current realities of university funding are widely recognised, and there is a continuing need to find and retain high quality and dedicated staff. Oxford Chemistry is also committed to supporting women in science and diversity in the workplace.