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Please do contact us if you would like more details on how you can help support our Graduate Students. 

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You can make a gift towards Student Support online, or please visit our giving pages for more information. 


Graduate StudentOur graduate programmes are vital to our research success, training the next generation of scientists. Our graduate students are the academics of tomorrow, who will enrich and enlighten our lives and the scientific community. 

The Department of Chemistry is dedicated to attracting the most academically able students, and we believe that the brightest and best Chemists should be able to study at Oxford regardless of their financial circumstances. 

In the face of research funding constraints and continuing turmoil in the global economy, the support of generous benefactors is now more important than ever.

All gifts, of whatever size, are vital, and smaller donations can be amalgamated to create full scholarships. Every gift counts and we invite you to join us in this endeavour.