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Honouring Alan Howe's Commitment to the Department of Chemistry

Created in honour of Alan's service to the Chemistry Department, the Alan Howe Prize for Best Junior Demonstrator is funded by the generous donations of Oxford Chemistry alumni.  Professor Tim Softley, Head of Oxford Chemistry at the establishment of the award, says "The quality of the demonstrating can make or break the practical course, and I am so glad that, through the generosity of our alumni, we have been able to establish this prize to recognise where an excellent job is being done."

The prize is awarded every year to dedicated demonstrators whose hard work and creativity bring the subject to life for our undergraduates, just as Alan Howe did during his many years of work in the Department. 

Message from Dr Hua Wang, winner of the Alan Howe Prize in 2015

"I knew Alan when I was in Oxford doing my DPhil and he remembered everyone's name and treated everyone with kindness.  He made the teaching experience in Oxford special and personal, and I could say that because the students and staff felt the same.  Great teachers and mentors make a difference for any student, and I feel very lucky to have known Alan before he retired and to have him as a role model."

Message from Charles Wickham-Jones, Christ Church 1945, donor to the prize:

"I have much pleasure in contributing  to your fund, to help to ensure,  in  such a wonderful way, the  continuation of the very important  work from which you are now  retiring. I only wish, from all that I have read  regarding your career in the Dyson  Perrins, that you had been around at  the time when I used to work there as an undergraduate. It was one year behind Margaret Thatcher! I  know that you would have been a  great stimulus and help to me. You will always be a great role model for all the future "Alan Howes". Through the Alan Howe Fund, you  are assuring a great succession of  "Alan Howes" in the Dyson Perrins Lab."

Please Consider Giving in Alan's Honour

Our goal is to fund this prize in perpetuity through donations from the alumni community. This prize brings significant positive benefits to all of our undergraduates, and every gift makes a real difference.

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