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Supporting Trailblazing Academics and Researchers

The success of Oxford Chemistry is born out of the work conducted by exceptional staff, from talented DPhil students right through to world-leading academics, across the entire span of the subject. All of our researchers are working together to push past traditional subject boundaries, and their work ranges from truly fundamental science to readily applied Chemistry.

One of our central priorities in the Department is attracting and fostering young academics in new areas of Chemistry. In addition to this, we want to be able to recruit and support the very best academics at senior levels. Philanthropy can play a critical role in this, giving us the flexibility to facilitate trailblazing research and support the very best Chemists from around the world.

Important scientific breakthroughs are the result of our researchers’ creativity, planning and determination. A result of their challenging approaches that are taken for granted. By supporting our Trailblazing Researchers Fund you can accelerate research and the impact this could have in the future, and help nurture the very best researchers and academics.

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