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Nurturing the Next Generation of Experts, Regardless of Circumstance

We are deeply committed to providing the best possible education and training for the brightest, most passionate young scientists, regardless of background. Those who will in the future make transformational discoveries, become leaders in their sectors, inform policy and share their knowledge with others.

There are about 480 DPhil students in the Department and they form the backbone of Oxford Chemistry. They are integral members of their research groups and lead on innovative research projects. The success of Oxford Chemistry is dependent on our attracting the very best research students and early-career researchers. However, many scholarships and funding opportunities have specific selection criteria and academic focuses, thereby restricting some talented individuals from pursuing their research here.

We want to ensure that the very best students are able to continue their research, without the concern of uncertain and unavailable funding. By contributing towards to the Young Chemists Fund or by establishing a new scholarship, you can make an enormous difference to a brilliant young scientist and the Department.

"I don't know where I would be now had it not been for the scholarship. The environment here changes you as a person - you're always being challenged, and you have so many opportunities. The impact has been immeasurable." - Sandra Frost on the impact of her receiving a Frost Scholarship. She is completing her DPhil in Chemical Biology in Bayley Group. 

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